‘Evolution’ by Dove — Update at bottom

If you guys haven’t seen this video yet, you absolutely have to check it out. Just watch it really. And I have been talking about models & our perception of beauty lately, so it fits in.

You can either click on the YouTube player to view it, or go to Dove’s site, & click ‘play film’. There, you can also find more information about their ‘Campaign for Real Beauty’, & a discussion group.

I’ve watched the video about 5 times in the last 10 mins now.

Here are the credits for the video.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto
Co-CCOs: Nancy Vonk & Janet Kestin
ACD/Writer/Art Director: Tim Piper
Production Company: Reginald Pike
Director: Yael Staav
Music: Vapor Music, Toronto

UPDATE: (10/24/2006 @ 4 pm)
Ok, so Nello’s back, & she posted a link that someone gave her on her website. This is just all kinds of CRAZY. Seriously. I mean, it makes me never want to look at another celebrity again. EVER. You know how they did that study that proved that monkeys like to see pics of the “celebrity monkey of their pack”?

Well, now that I see some of our celebs in their original photos, I feel sick. Not sick b/c they look horrible. No, they look fine. Normal, you might say. But the fact that we’ve been force-fed an image for years. Lied to, consciously misled. That makes me sick.

Go here to FluidEffect.com. Click on ‘Portfolio’, & ‘Agree’ to the terms. Then, back in the left menu, click on the ‘before/after’. And get ready for what you’re about to see.

I have to say, I do love the internet, & my blog, & my blog-buddies. I have really discovered so much in the last year.

8 thoughts on “‘Evolution’ by Dove — Update at bottom

  1. I watched this one a couple of times too, and think it’s great. It gives me hope that I can still get my face on a CK billboard.

  2. lol@yllw – but that utility belt is badass!

    Yeah, this is a strong vid aptly critquing the unreality of advertising. Way to go Dove!

  3. I’m so glad you shared this video with us! All I could think at the end was, “holy f’n cow – she’s not even the same person!” Why can’t we (society) just accept people as they are and believe they’re beautiful?

  4. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve done this kind of thing for. They usually use them for their personal websites or myspace pics or to send to a potential guy or whatever. I can take off 10+ years in photoshop. I once took about 15 people out of a picture of balboa park in San Diego. Their reflections in the water came out and their shadows, leaving blank holes that I filled in and you couldn’t tell. I’ll post it on my site so you can see. Crazy. I think people like seeing themselves look like celebrities, which is why they ask me to make them “beautiful”. “Take out the bags” “I don’t want wrinkles” “I don’t like my double chin” “can you make my face not so greasy?” etc. etc. etc.

  5. otay, I posted those pictures on outofhabit.com so you can check it out. Damn I haven’t posted a blog in a long long time! Stupid work is killing me.

  6. Ok, I noticed that there is an error message when you try to go to her site. I think it’s a blogger beta thing, maybe?

    Anyway, it’s outofhabit.com, you can find it on my sidebar of my daily blog reads.

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