belated b-day

Ok, so Looking for Sunshine has passed the 1 year mark. I know I should really keep track of these things. I honestly don’t even know how many posts I’ve done so far either. I guess I’ll check one day.

Anyway, I didn’t know what I’d do when I got to this point. I thought I’d switch up my design, but I’ve already done that. I like to “redecorate” every now & then. Keeps things fresh, ya hear.

But, I have come up w/ something that I do want to do now. I’m gonna switch over to this new blogger beta version.

Just as a warning to y’all, when I do switch, the ole blogger dudes & dudettes, you won’t be able to comment w/ your “blogger login”. You’ll have to click on “other” & then type in your name/id, & your blog url. I hope that’s cool w/ y’all.

Apparently, they’re working on that prob, & it may just be fixed by the time my lazy butt gets around to the switchin. Although, I might get bored & just do it too. I’ve been thinking seriously about it for the last week.

UPDATE: Ok, so until I figure out how to the pop-up commenting thingie, you have to click on the post title (in this case, “belated b-day”), then do your comment that way. Sorry.

UPDATE-1: So, I think I’m just super-sweet & smart now. Cause I seriously figured that out in like…um… 5 secs. Ok, not 5 secs, but in no serious time at all.

UPDATE 2: I’m obviously not as smart as I thought I was. Anyway, as some of you have seen, I’ve been modifying this blog all day long. So, I’ve either done a ton today, or nothing (in terms of work I was supposed to do). I’m not done yet. But I am going to pause for now. I’ll look more into it in the next 2 days. I just had to at least get my bloggy links on there so I wouldn’t miss reading everyone else’s blogs!

11 thoughts on “belated b-day

  1. What happens to those of us who comment but are also without blogs? Will we still have the option to comment? Just wondering…

  2. They can just do it how you just did; hit “other”, put in a name, & leave the webpage line blank. None of those are required fields.

    I’m still having probs though. Trying to figure out the other comment form. Not this pop-up one, but the one w/ the post on top.

  3. Cool, ’cause I haven’t decided if I really want to join the blogging world yet.

    Although, last night L told me I should blog the funny things I do or that happen to us like the brown t-shirt story or the infamous root beer float incident.

    Oh, and I was trying to think of a good nickname for L for the purpose of our public online exchanges and I came up with Louse but I don’t think it’s appropriate and it’s a bit mean. We’ll have to come up with something – her coworker calls her L-Money. Wonder if that’ll work. Your thoughts?

  4. I totally think you should blog; but I’ve told you that before too.

    The brown shirt incident is just one reason why. Also, the time outside of the Boneyard w/ the dude that was getting kicked out & holding up the wall? Yeah, classic stuff.

    Plus, you could do posts on how fab a person I am in real life. Or, talk about my hotness. Or my awesome wit. haha.

    I’ve often thought that L should have an ickname-nay too. But I don’t know what… I’ll think about it.

  5. I forgot about the dude who got kiked out of the Boneyard for making a fuss over losing $20 in the virtual bowling machine. What an idiot…who wastes $20 at one time in the virtual bowling machine? hahahahaha

    Your reasons for blogging are good ones – especially the ones that feature you. Maybe I will go start a blog right now and talk about how wonderful you are and if I weren’t hetero how much I would “dig you” as a potential mate!

  6. In trying to adjust my template, I uploaded another one, & am trying to edit it so that I can get all my old elements back.

    Only… this new one is like all “xml” code, & not reg html or css. So, I’m basically pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to get all my old stuff back.

  7. congratulations on your one-year mark…so what’s the benefit to switching to beta? I don’t understand all that stuff, but I’ve been seeing the option come up when I publish….

  8. Wow, a year is a long time.

    In the first year of a dog’s life it equals 15 human years.

    So really, you’ve been blogging for 15 years and then every year after is equal to four or something like that.


  9. Congrats on the 1 year mark!

    And I’m not entirely sure but I think the commenting problems for beta blogger are for the most part fixed.

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