PhotoFriday: destruction

Viewer discretion advised!!! Please re-direct yourself to another site if you cannot handle extreme pics of car-crashes.

This is a pic of the destruction that was left behind from a major car pile-up accident that happened IN my living room last summer. Yes, folks, actually happened in my living room. I watched it all happen before mine very eyes. It was absolutely horrendous.

But let this serve as a warning to you all. This is what happens when ppl are talking on the phone, trying to turn up the radio, do the crossword puzzle, AND digging in their bag for their pretend microphone so they can sing along to the awesome song that’s on. Oh, you mean you don’t keep a pretend microphone in your car? It’s just me? Er, I mean, I don’t have one either. I’ve just heard. Yeah, that’s it.

But you guys do keep an extra water gun in your car for when ppl annoy you, or if you get bored & wanna do a “water drive-by”, right? Oh, well … me neither then.

Don’t forget to click ici pour voir les images de plus de photofriday. ‘Kay?

4 thoughts on “PhotoFriday: destruction

  1. haha, that’s funny cause it was something my nephew did. shhhh… don’t tell anyone. We didn’t report the accident or anything like that.

  2. GM, as in anything of this magnitude. There will always be some casualties. In this case, the birdman didn’t make it.

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