Notice anything new about me?

So, I saw this over at aquababie’s site. And I want in on this too. Spread the word, y’all. I think it’d be really cool if every single site we all went to for the whole month of October was PINK!!!

Click on the pic to link to the “Pink for October” site. WOW! Say that 5 times fast!

Also, I created my own button using the image & font type from their site so to keep the integrity & consitency of their design elements. I’m so proud of myself.

I’ve posted it at the top of my sidebar. If you like the button I put together & want it for your blog’s sidebar, I’d be happy to email the code so that you can copy/paste it into your template. Just trying to spread the love. And awareness. Peace out, yo.

2 thoughts on “Notice anything new about me?

  1. Yeah, Yahoo wanted me to change my homepage to pink. But my Yahoo pages (homepage, email, etc) have ALWAYS been pink.

    Can’t they tell?

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