House of Galliano

Speaking of models & fashion. Let me say that I love John Galliano’s work. I like it cause it’s different, but not all so avant-garde that it gives me a headache. To me, he’s like the “Frank Gehry” of fashion. He creates interesting shapes & patterns. He has large obtrusive structure to his clothes. His pieces command attention.

I don’t care if you like his stuff or not. You’ll def look at it. Either cause you think it’s cool. Or, b/c it’s like a train wreck to you, & you just can’t look away. Either way, you’re def looking.

I heard a lot of smack for the dress he did that Charlize Theron wore to the Oscars last year. You know, with the big black bow on the shoulder? Anyway, I liked it. I thought it had a bit of pizzazz for a normally boring ole show. He did the dress for Dior, & spiced things up for them a lil.

And let me tell you, I think it’s fine for someone to wear something that’s a bit “out there” or “flamboyant” or even crazy if they feel like it. And God knows, we’ve all felt like it before. I remember when I was in college, I used to have a “clash day” every now & then. I could wear whatever I wanted out of my closet, so long as it totally clashed. I mean, it had to give someone a headache if they looked at me too long. I usually went with these green & navy checkered pants with a conflicting top. My other fave was these blue, yellow, & tan plaid pants (I called them my “golf pants”*).

Anyway, my point is that all the designers have been showcasing what they’ve been up to, & last Sat, the 7th, John Galliano showed his stuff too. This post is peppered w/ pics from his 2007 Spring collection. And isn’t he creative? I love it! It’s all normal stuff that I would love to wear. Nothing too severe. But he adds in the boldness with accessories, in this collection, hats & shoes. I’m not showing the shoes so much, b/c I didn’t really care for them.

*um, should I mention that I’ve never gone golfing before in my life? Although I’ve put-putted once. Maybe that counts. But not for years after I used to wear the golf pants. Also, ironically, I enjoyed wearing the golf pants to go “moonrock bowling”.

Update 3/1/2011: Galliano’s rant

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