is this really attractive? –Update at bottom (10/11)

Seriously ppl, is this pretty? This is a pic of a model taken at the Guy Laroche fashion show in Paris yesterday (Sat., Oct. 7th, 2006).

The problem is that little girls see this & think they’re fat. Oprah did a show w/ the mothers of 2 little girls. One was 3 (THREE!!!), & the other 5 years old. Both were dieting b/c they thought they were fat. The mothers were educated, upper-middle class women who really should know better than to stress looks to such impressionable young children.

Is that extreme? Yes. But look at the extreme that makes them that way. Also, this particular model is lucky if that’s her real hair. Although, she should appreciate it while it lasts, b/c it prob won’t much longer.

Even her face looks sunken in. I don’t know if she does coke, but she certainly looks like it to me. And her posture sucks.

The prob is the word itself. When in fashion, it should be taken into context.
1. a person or thing that serves as a subject for an artist, sculptor, writer, etc.
2. a person whose profession is posing for artists or photographers.
3. a person employed to wear clothing or pose with a product for purposes of display and advertising.

But unfortunately, sometimes ppl (esp impressionable young girls & boys) mix it up w/ it’s other meanings; namely,
1. a standard or example for imitation or comparison.

I know this is not the most important thing in the world. But it is troublesome none the less.

UPDATE: Ok, so I haven’t posted here or read my reg blogs in a while. Well, I was catching up on the blogs that I did used to read daily, & found something Vi had posted a week ago. You have to read it. It is very interesting. We do seem to need extremes of any kind to get us talking about stuff, huh? Or else maybe we just don’t notice?

7 thoughts on “is this really attractive? –Update at bottom (10/11)

  1. I KNOW! Isn’t it?! So, I was looking at other pics online today, & apparently all the models in that particular show happened to be skelator-bony. It’s gross.

  2. Well, judging by this picture Guy Laroche seems to think the Holocaust is back “in fashion”. Ugh.
    I thought it was interesting when the press was buzzing over the possibility of restricting models whose BMI was unhealthy from being on the runways. It’s worth considering. BUT on the other hand, the US is full of children (female & male) who are medically classified as overweight or obese so maybe not as many people are imitating models as we think.

  3. U.C-girl: you have a point about all the kids that don’t do any physical activity & are just overweight.

    Speaking of, I feel like I’ve gained so much; I’ve really gotten myself back into gear, & am working out everyday again.

  4. V- yeah, but I don’t think she (or many of the other gals that look like her) feel the same way. I don’t think they believe they’re in need of help. I think they must think they look good. Esp when they have others that want to pay them simply b/c of the way they look.

  5. U-C: “judging by this picture Guy Laroche seems to think the Holocaust is back “in fashion”.

    well-said. she looks horrible…

    but they say she eats, so she’s either bringing it back up the esophagus, possibly the coke-thing YD mentioned, or she has a serious thyroid problem and needs a doctor.

    But definitely needs a doctor.

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