I have more to say

There’s so much I want to write, so much that’s happened & on my mind. Unfortunately, I’ve had like NO time. I still haven’t watched the last 2 Grey’s Anatomy’s that are waiting for me at home yet.

So, hopefully, I’ll be a postin machine this weekend. Also, below you’ll see my PhotoFriday #12 submission. Where’s PhotoFriday #11 you ask? Um, I haven’t posted it yet. I have it (the pic), & there’s a huge commentary that goes along w/ it. But it’s only in my head right now, cause I didn’t have time to write it out. So, I’m gonna do it, & sneak it in the middle of #10 & #12, but I’ll let y’all know when it happens. ‘Kay? Cool. Lata-gata.

2 thoughts on “I have more to say

  1. What? You havn’t watched the first two episodes of Grey’s anatomy??
    That is Mama’s favorite show and she says you are missing out on a lot.

    A whole lot of Mc Steamy…she says you’ll understand when you see it.



  2. Chels- no, I did watch them both this weekend. I always tape things, & then watch them later. That way, I don’t have to conform my schedule to “the man” & when he says I should be watching things. Also, I can pause, rewind, & watch my shows in peace when I have the time to really watch them; & not be distracted.

    & speaking of McSteamy, didja hear that they’ve decided to sign on McSteamy (Mark, the adulterer) on as a recurring role for this season?

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