PhotoFriday #9: boy

As many of you know, I am an aunt. I make a super-great aunt at that. I love all my nieces & nephews; & I love them all equally. No, really, I do. You know how sometimes you get mad at a fam member? Well, I still love my kids. They shouldn’t have to suffer, or feel neglected just b/c you’re mad at their mom or dad. I adore them, really.

I guess I really feel this way about almost all children. Except the punks; I wanna smack them upside the head, & their little ‘rents too cause they didn’t do a good job raising them. But I do feel a connection to all kids. Like once I was at the library, & I saw this (middle-aged, creepy) guy approach a little (about 5 year old) kid. I knew the guy wasn’t related, so I just hung around the area so he wouldn’t try to get too close to the kid (who was just playing in the kids section by himself). The children’s section librarian saw me standing there & gave me a questioning look to see if I needed any help, & I motioned toward the creepy-guy. She went up to the kid, & asked him where his mom was, & then took his hand & went off to find her together. So, I felt like I could leave then. I also get mad when I see lil kids in cars w/ no car-seat, or older (but still lil) kids in the front seat w/ no seat belt. Aaauuugghhh! :shakes fist at parents allowing this:

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. As you all know by now, I’m pretty protective of puttin up personal/private pics up here online for all the internets to see. BUT, I remembered that I had a pic of 2 of my nephews goofing off when we went for a walk one day. I was watching these two lil cuties that day, & man, were they itching to go out. I did let them go on the jungle gym & swings for a little bit, but it was hot, & I was too scared that they’d get all dehydrated. I’m a huge scaredy-cat, really.

So, it got to be late-afternoon, & it was cooling off, & not as humid, so the boys jumped at the chance of gettin to go out of the house. We went for a walk, but I told them they had to wear their hats to shield/protect them from a sun just a lil. See? I told you, I’m just so paranoid & scared of so much stuff.

So, they were like; “You want us to wear our hats? How about like this, is this all right? Can we wear them like this?” All while giggling & being silly. They’re so cute. Of course, I was like; “[gasp], OH NO, you’re gonna trip & fall, you two are scaring me, you have to watch where you’re going”. So, of course they stopped goofing off, & wore them on there heads after. But they are so cute. Oh, & they fit this week’s PhotoFriday category: “boy”. Here’s the pic I snapped of them:You can see other boys by clicking here to see everyone else’s PhotoFriday submission. Have a great Friday, y’all!!!

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