what’s on your lap?

Hi y’all. Miss me? I know I’ve been gone for a while; just had a lot going on, & couldn’t really write about any of it. It’s funny, out of all my friends, there’s two of us who’ve started blog-sites. And both of us are the most reclusive ppl you’ll ever meet. The other one used to post a bunch, but now it’s once a month or so. I’ll be posting more now. Well, not now-now, but soon. And remember last December, when I only posted once during the whole entire month? Well, that prob won’t happen this year. I am just so super-busy in the fall/winter season, so I was totally ambushed, & didn’t have a really good internet connection, so I just didn’t post that much.

But, I’m waiting for a call… You see, I just BOUGHT A NEW LAPTOP!!!! I am just so bouncing off the walls about this. It’s super-cool, & has a dvd-burner, so I can make my OWN MOOOO-VIES.* Yes, you heard me right. My OWN movies, made by ME! Cool, huh? I KNOW! Oh, man, I absolutely cannot wait!!!

So, anyway, I’m waiting for my laptop to call me. You see, the store didn’t have any in stock of the puppy I wanted, so I had to special order it. And it’s gonna call me when it’s here & ready to be picked up. Just like having a kid, I think. I’m gonna consider this my training. I can’t believe how crazy I’m going waiting for it to call! I suspect it’ll be the same when my kid’s in high school at some punk’s house for a bonfire party, & I’m sitting at home waitin for the call to finally go pick him/her up. It’s prob gonna feel exactly the same as this anxiousness.

*um, it occurs to me that I always say mooo-vies, but most ppl don’t really know why I say it that way. (I do say a lot of things differently). So, I’m gonna let y’all in on exactly how corny I am. My nephew went through a phase where he would make up just a TON of jokes. It all started with this one joke:
Q: Why did the cow cross the road?
A: To get to the mooo-vies. Get it? Mooooooo-vies? Get it? Get it? Mooooooooo-vies!

You see, you have to add the “get it?, get it?” to the end. Well, it only escalated from there. Next thing you knew, if we were talking about our sister, lilies, he would be like:
“Why did lilies cross the road?”
“To get to the mooo-vies. Get it? Mooooooo-vies? Get it? Get it? Mooooooooo-vies!”

Then, we may be talking about what the kids want to eat for lunch & someone will say ‘chicken nuggets’, & next thing you know, you’re hearing his cutie lil voice question:
“Why did the chicken nuggets cross the road?”
“To get to the mooo-vies. Get it? Mooooooo-vies? Get it? Get it? Mooooooooo-vies!”

So, ever since then, regular movies have failed to exist, & it’s always been mooooo-vies.

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