PhotoFriday #8: silver

Ok, so last Friday’s (I know I’m really late, I’m sorry, but betta late than never, eh?) PhotoFriday thingie was “Silver”. Well, as my ppl know, I love me some Frank Gehry. When I was in school, I had a huge 3’ x 2’ pic of the Guggenheim he’d just completed (in Bilboa, Spain) hanging over my desk. I know squat about Geography. I have a nephew in the Southwest who’ll prob be my phone-a-friend if I get a geo ques on ‘Millionaire’ & he’s, um, 6. If it weren’t for Frank Gehry, I wouldn’t even know where Bilboa, Spain was.

Anyway, a few years back I was actually able to see Mr. Gehry when he came here to MOCA, & there was this huge showing of his work, & models that he’d created that were never actually built. He’s just the most amazing & fascinating mind, I think. You can really get lost in his stuff.

Sooo, that brings us to my PhotoFriday pic. I was totally gonna take this pic last Friday & post it (I swear!). But, it was all drizzly/rainy, & so I just didn’t want to. I did go over to this building after work yesterday. It’s the Peter B. Lewis building, home of the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. And it was designed by Mr. Gehry. So, here’s my Photo-Friday submission for (sorry, again) last Friday:

One thought on “PhotoFriday #8: silver

  1. You should check out the EMP (Experience Music Project) up in Seattle if you ever find yourself out on the left coast. Not only a cool building, but they have M.C. Hammer’s actual pants in there!

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