radar comes back Sept. 5th

Guess what?!? Radar‘s not dead!

They’re gonna re-launch the website September 5th; then the mag itself is set to return next year.

I did love the site, they were always informative & entertaining.

Here is an example of classic entertainment from their archives. It’s a couple of excerpts from an feature titled “$tars for $ale”, where they try to find out how much it’d cost to get Star Jones to participate in an eating contest, how much to get Anna Nicole Smith to down shots and drop Ecstasy at a country club gala. You know, fun stuff like that.

If you liked Sassy, you’d love Radar.

I do miss Sassy. I loved how the binding always had weird stuff on it. Like the endings of Chuck Lorre productions. I know I can read Jane now, & Jane Pratt’s still in charge & all, but it’s not the same; & ever since she had her baby, she seems more hands off now.

4 thoughts on “radar comes back Sept. 5th

  1. I know, I’m pretty pumped about it.

    Also, in other awesome news, did you know that w/ firefox, you can just hold down the ‘Ctrl’ button while you click on a link, & it’ll open the link in a new tab in the same browser window.

    Yet another reason I love myself some FireFox!

  2. Sorry to break it to you, but Jane Pratt is no longer the Editor or Jane Mag. Some new chick took over this year. -liz

  3. I thought so. I figured she musta left after the baby. Esp cause the mag seemed so diff.

    But, of course, I’m way too lazy to actually look in the credits, or read actual print to find out. It just didn’t really appeal to me anymore.

    Does Jane’s mom still write that lil advice column in it? I did love reading what her mom had to say. [Big “Shout Out” to you, Jane’s mom!!!]

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