don’t let the milky way hit cha on your way out!

Sa-weet! How excited am I? I, for one, have been of the persuasion that Pluto wasn’t a planet for the last 10 years.

As many of you know by now, I went to Kent State. It’s a fairly liberal school; & in my Astrology class there, my prof gave us a huge laundry list of reasons why Pluto should never have been considered a planet. If I took good notes, I could reiterate them to you. But I do remember his points making complete sense. And he said that they just didn’t have the technology back then to see Pluto for what it really was, just a shriveled up ole ball. Ok, so that last part wasn’t completely historically correct, but the technology not being as advanced back then was true.

V even mentioned it on his blog. Plus he made a funny. Go read it.

I mean, seriously! Do we want Pluto w/ it’s blatent disregard to orbit correctly. It’s like a drunken Chris Columbus, thinkin he’s in India when he’s really just in the Carribean.

Na-na-na-na♪♫, na-na-na-na♪♫, hey hey hey, good-bye. Sing along, y’all!

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