i’m gettin annoyed…

Did I miss the memo where ‘passive-aggressive’ was declared the new black?

I’m so incredibly sick & tired of ppl asking me stupid, idiotic questions that I know damn well they know the answers to. And if they really don’t know the answer, well, that’s even worse. Don’t go around asking or wondering how something happened when you know damn well how it happened.
When I respond to the aforementioned dumbass question w/ “Well… remember yesterday when I told you about…”. Yeah, you pretty much should realize that I don’t have time to repeat myself.

Camcorders are pretty cheap now-a-days. Go get one, & just record everything I tell you; b/c I know you’ll need to refer to it later.

I’m really sorry, this isn’t addressed to anyone who even reads this site, but GEEZ-LOUISE!!! I’m sick of incompetence. Incontinence? Whatever, I’m sick of both! Anyone else out there dealing w/ the same crap I am? Can I get a “Hellz Yeah”?!

So, I’m sendin out this Happy Bunny to all the ppl who’ve annoyed me lately.

It’s funny how no matter how mad or upset I am, the happy bunnies always bring a smile to my face.

UPDATE: Not that this means much, but I’m sharing. I’ve decided to pick up some brie & have brie & whole wheat crackers & fruit tonight for din-din. I do love brie. mmmm.

3 thoughts on “i’m gettin annoyed…

  1. Brie is so gooood. Happy Bunny’s are really funny.

    I hate those kinds of people too, so I’m giving it to you….ready….HELLZ YEAH!

  2. I just want you to know I am marrying the KING of passive-aggressive people! Sometimes we even get into fights about how direct I am vs. how p-a he is!

    OH, and you’re sick of incompetence because I think incontinence is when your bladder reflex doesn’t work so well and you leak pee randomly.

  3. FAL- So, I only had some brie, apple slices, & whole wheat cracks for din last night; & I ended up having the WORST nightmares all night! I’m gonna say it wasn’t the food though, & prob just anxiety. I love brie too much to blame it. Something about warm, soft brie on a cool, crisp apple. Ahhh, I feel mushy just thinking about it.

    Urb Cowgal- I actually knew what incontinence was. That was my lame excuse to try to make myself smile. It didn’t work, but the funny bunny did!!! And I don’t think Urban Cowboy is the KING of p.a.; c’mon, the KING? Maybe he’s just a knight in the kingdom of p.a.

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