PhotoFriday #6: friend

This week’s PhotoFriday challenge is ‘friend’. I have just a million pics that would fit this theme; however, none that I really feel comfortable posting online for all the yahoos to see. Not you guys, the yahoos who find my site by doing searches such as ‘best stripper’ or ‘wife milk husband’ (wha?!).

So, I finally decided that I would post one of my fave pics of me & my girls. This pic was taken about 5 years ago! This was before my relationship w/ my digicam started, & therefore is a scanned in actual photograph. Just like they did in the olden days. “Ooooouuuu”. I know you just said that in your head.

Anyway, I (obviously) was still too chicken to post the clear pic, & I ‘sandstormed’ it instead. But I still think it looks cool.

This was at one of my fave spots to go dancin at; it was called Touch, & they used to play the best music downstairs. We had put the camera on the floor & on automatic timer to get this shot.To me, there are very few things more fun than going out dancin w/ your girls & having them play awesome music all night. Oh, & I’ve decided to call this “cirque d’amies”.

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