snakes on da mutha&!@# plane!

It’s about snakes…. on a plane. I got that. We’ve all heard about it. It sounds like an absolutely horrible movie; I mean that in the best possible way, of course. You wonder what that original concept meeting was like; when they were trying to pitch the idea to the execs.

But beyond that, it seems like everyone who’s seen it, has loved it. I’m pretty sure it’s cause a lot of ppl go into a movie like that not really expecting much, & when they’re hit w/ something, anything, they end up pleasantly surprised.

That Joel Siegel guy who does movie reviews for a living for GMA loved it, I heard. They didn’t want critics reviewing the movie, so there were no pre-screenings of it. So, Siegel went to the 1st showing they had (Thurs night), & shelled out $10.25 to see it. I’m sure he can just get a receipt, & GMA would cover that cost for him, not that he can’t afford it anyway. Oh, back to the point, he loved it & gave it a really great review.

Slate’s calling it the 1st great 9/11 movie:

Snakes on a Plane doesn’t need to be conscious of itself as a 9/11 movie to effectively function as one. It plays on all our fears—the dangers of air travel, the death of innocents, the random appearance of evil in our daily lives—but it allows us to master those fears, and, ultimately, to achieve some measure of control over them…

Anyway, I prob won’t watch it myself, cause to be honest wit cha, it does look scary. Plus, I’m not too super-comfortable flying, & snakes give me the heebie-jeebies. But, I’d love to hear what any of y’all who’ve watched it think.

Oh, & did I mention that NPR loved it too?

2 thoughts on “snakes on da mutha&!@# plane!

  1. Yeah, I haven’t seen it either. But it did rather poorly at the Box Office this weekend. I gotta admit I’m kinda glad, lol. I mean the sci-fi channel has a handful of these flicks every weekend.

  2. Doh. I just read the NPR review (I read the Slate one earlier and thought perhaps it was the exception). Anyway, both reviews say the flick is a fun experience and hopefully it is.

    PS — Little Miss Sunshine did super at the Box Office and I need to see that film like yesterday.

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