see? I knew it wasn’t right

Yeah, ppl say that if you’ve got nuthin to hide, then what’s the prob? Well, b/c it won’t stop there. It just won’t.

Remember how we were talking about how the NSA had tried to set up the phone tapping/monitoring/patroling (slash, whatever the correct “friendly” propoganda word is) like 7 months before the 9/11 attack?

Yes, Mr. Snow, we do expect the gov’t to detect & prevent terrorist attacks before they are carried out. But we do also expect the gov’t to do it in a manner that is constitutional. Don’t cha think?

Well, one of the Federal District Courts judges thought so, & ordered the NSA to quit it. Not in those words, mind you. She was much more eloquent & composed in her wording; & she gave it in a 43-page opinion!

I know that my friends think I could prob write that much about something, but I really couldn’t.

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