random rumblings

Don’t have much to say. Just a few thoughts on stuff (gripes, mainly). I’ve been pretty happy (like super-happy) all day long, & I think I wore the happiness outta me. I haven’t really had time to even read much news or anything (blogs) lately, but I’ve been catching up. Now I’m getting sleepy, but I thought I share what’s on my mind.

1. I’ve never liked Katie Couric. I now know I am so totally in the minority here. I didn’t realize how obsessed this nation is w/ her. I’ve always been an ABC news gal. I loved Peter Jennings, wish Elizabeth Vargas all the best w/ the birth of her baby, stayed up all night w/ Bob Woodruff when he was in the eye of the storm in Houston during Hurricane Rita, & respect Charlie Gibson.

The main reason I never liked Katie? B/c she wore waaay too much eyeliner. It was horrendous, I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t get past that. And if I managed to (not be so shallow) for 2 secs, she’d start w/ the giggling. It was too much. Diane Sawyer doesn’t giggle. She makes witty comments, jokes, & teases her colleagues, but def doesn’t giggle.

I thought that when Katie left Today, that she’d fade away, but I see her all the time & everywhere. And she hasn’t even started her gig yet!

2. Our fantastic gov’t lost (lost) the original recording of the 1st moon landing. This is gonna make all those ppl who say the moon landing is a hoax veeerrry happy.

3. I love Ani DiFranco, & I’ve heard about this poem she read at the recent NOW conference where she also announced her PREGNANCY! I really want to read this poem & have been searching online for the text this whole past week. But I just can’t find it anywhere. They just have the video, & I can’t watch the video of it, I want to see the text, so if anyone knows where to find it, let me know.

All I know was that it was a weird moment; & she cried throughout her entire speech. Here’s what Allison Kasic over at Independent Women’s Forum said about it:

To celebrate the moment, Ani read an original poem. I wish I could relay what the poem was about, but truth be told, Ani lost me somewhere between the “patriarchy causing war,” a bomb dropping in Hiroshima, and the streets of Manhattan. When DiFranco finished, NOW president Kim Gandy thanked Ani for her courage and pointed out that there wasn’t “a dry eye in the house.” Hogwash, I thought. That poem didn’t even make sense! But I looked around and there really were people crying. How anyone could make sense of such a poem, let alone be moved to tears, baffles me.

And that’s why I really wanna read it now.

2 thoughts on “random rumblings

  1. The only real news nowadays stems from “The Daily Show” and the “Colbert Report”. And Slate! Read Slate.com! Read it people!

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