they were willing to blow up their baby!

Can you believe that?!? You know the twarted air bombing attempt & how we weren’t allowed any liquids in the carry-ons? All they would say was “no liquids” & that they had arrested 24 ppl. We got no info.

Well, I’ve been busy, & I finally had a chance to check the news, & I saw that a husband & wife had mixed up chemicals into their 6-month infant’s milk bottle & that’s what they were using to blow up the plane.

You know when the story 1st came out w/ the whole “no more liquids” thing, I was wondering what they were doing about ppl w/ young children & infants. I thought for sure, ‘oh, I’m sure they don’t mean babies & their bottles, though’. But I guess they meant that more than anything else.

See, this proves that it’s better to breast feed!

On a related note, I saw this report on tv that Guardian Technologies had developed this security screening so that if you have 2 exactly same Coke bottles in your carry-on, as it goes through the x-ray, a red box goes around the one that is suspcious. Apparently they’ve been in talks w/ the TSA for a while now & had put in their bid. Personally, I think the TSA prob never would’ve followed through & actually signed up a contract w/ them before. The red-tape & beaucracy would’ve had them draggin their penny-loafers around ad nauseam.

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I have to add this in; this is an absolutely horrifying tale. Completely unfathomable, to be sure. However, I can’t really post this w/out adding this article; it talks of how their friends say that there’s no way they could’ve done it. I guess time will tell. It certainly is scary how many ppl in this world are framed, or found guilty when they’re not. That being said, all of Jeffrey Dahmer’s neighbor’s said that he was nice & quiet too.

This last pic is of a table full of banned items at an airport in Salt Lake City. The only reason I’m even posting it is b/c of the can of easy-cheese in it. Um, who even eats this stuff, let alone takes it in their carry-on. I used to work in a grocery store through high school & would question anyone who came through my lane w/ that stuff. “Did you know that this can of Cheese-Whiz has anchovies in it?” Stuff like that. Most of the ppl put the cans back. & my Customer Service Manager-chick did notice that I consistenly had Cheese-Whiz in my returns.

2 thoughts on “they were willing to blow up their baby!

  1. The baby plot is just beyond evil. Perhaps the UK needs to bring back its death penalty. Though I understand and respect that they will not. Anyway, having these terrorists locked up for life will also get the job done.

    Informative post Yllw! And yeah, who eats Cheese from a can?!?!?!?!?!

  2. This is so disturbing. This is why the terrorists are so scary. They don’t care who they kill, even their own babies.

    The cheese from a can is also pretty frightening. And the fact that you need it on a flight is just weird.

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