PhotoFriday #3: portrait

This week’s PhotoFriday challenge was “Portrait”. I have a few self-portraits I’ve done that I’m especially proud of, but alas, I’m not really feeling like sharing them w/ the world just yet. I will someday though. So, I was looking through what I can post for y’all from what I’ve already taken that is not of a person.

My 1st instinct was to take a picture of the construction workers that are sweating & toiling, & creating form & function out of raw materials that they are also hauling onto the site. Did I mention that they are also doing this in what will be a high of mid-90s today? W/ a heat index well over that. For the last few months, I have been so worried about these men & women out there. Worried that they are dehydrated & over-exerting themselves. Is it any of my business? No. Are they being well compensated for creating these amazing forms? Yes. So, w/ all that in mind, even though I think that construction workers are doing incredible things; I cannot bring myself to photograph their struggle throughout this hot/humid day & just post it for the world to see. I am not ready to post photos of real ppl, w/ real lives on this page. B/c I don’t feel it’s right, esp when I don’t really post a real photo of myself.*

So, I was thinking of what to put up, & I remembered the babies. These babies (click on pic to see enlarged version):
Last May (2005), my nephews found a birds’ nest in their jungle gym thingie. They were so concerned about these baby chickies, & checked up on them daily. When I talked to them on the phone, I heard all about them. Then, when I went to visit them, of course I was led outside to see the babies.

So, I’m sharing them w/ you. In that pic, they are very hungry & awaiting mamma to return w/ the goods. The goods being worms & bugs, of course. 😉

I love how they’re all just reaching up & above towards the sky. They’re all stretched & waiting for nourishment.

Here’s a couple other shots of the babies. The 1st is a profile & the 2nd is looking down on them from above. You can click on either to enlarge, of course.

*I say ‘real photo’ b/c I did post a pic of me in that profile thingie, but it’s only like a third of my face, so I’m still partially hidden.

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