update on Pavarotti

or, “He will not be silenced”.

I don’t want to start something, or talk about something, & then just drop it. So, I just wanted to write out a quick note to y’all that Pavarotti has finally been able to return home. Well, I really shouldn’t say ‘finally’ like that; it’s not like he’s been in the hospital forever. I do know that even 4 days in the hospital seems like forever when all you want is to go home. But I also know that many cancer patients spend months & months in the hospital. And we all know that you can’t really rest there. There’s always someone who needs to check your vitals or take blood or something. Not that there’s anything wrong w/ that. Most nurses & doctors are just very caring individuals; you have to be to go into a field like that.

Anyway, I just wanted to update you ppls on Pavarotti’s condition. He’s home & says that he’s planning on finishing up his farewell tour next year.

The photo I’ve posted is from the Student Championship in Modena (1954). Betcha didn’t know that our boy Luciano used to be a fabulous football playa (um, football-soccer, not American football). He chose to pursue a career in opera, for which we are all grateful, but know that he has many talents.

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One thought on “update on Pavarotti

  1. He kinda looks like Marlon Brando.

    Hmmmm, they both got fat later in life.

    I sense a connection.

    Anyway, glad to see he’s doing better.

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