paper or plastic?


Say it ain’t so. This just sucks! That’s crap! This is all b/c today’s youth can’t read, write, add, or subtract; isn’t it? Well, besides the ones in my fam, of course. They’re lil geniuses! Back to the point…

Y’all know V? Remember back when he wrote about Monopoly coming out w/ a new edition. It was called the “Here & Now” edition, & you could vote on what landmarks you wanted to represent each city. I went there for a week, & put my votes in.

I do love to play boardgames. & what better than to be asked to make decisions on the future of a fun boardgame?

Well, Urban Cowgirl just emailed me the aforelinked USA Today article; it talks about how they’re doing away w/ the cash & using debit cards instead on the UK version of Monopoly. This just does not seem right to me. I mean, aside from the fact that now the kids can’t cheat anymore; which in itself is another fun part of playing “games”. Now, not only do the kids not have to count out anything; but also they’re not going to pay attention as much.

You had to really be on your toes when playing Monopoly. I mean, you had to watch each other to make sure no one was “borrowing” from the bank. You had to make sure you got what money was owed to you. You had to do percentages. It was very intricate. Now, w/ the attention-span of today’s youth, they’ll be watching their dvr’s, text-messaging, & illegally downloading music while playing b/c who needs to pay attention to what you’re doing anymore. Everything is so user-friendly, you barely have to be breathing to function. Just the physical presence is needed. For now.

What happened to the days when ppl used to play boardgames out on the front porch w/ their grandfather while drinking pink lemonade. And don’t tell me that only happens in Country-Time commercials, b/c my sis & I used to play used to play games like that all the time. Some of the old-school games we played, our grandfather had taught us from his childhood, & we actually had to draw out the board for the game on our sidewalk w/ chalk since they didn’t sell it in the stores.

Anyway, my point is that I really fear that we are raising kids who don’t do anything. They don’t fill out their own college applications, they have their moms do it for them; & now they don’t even want to focus enough to play a board-game?

I’m linking various articles, b/c I’ve found that as time goes on, some sites delete their news pages. So, I’m hoping that by linking a bunch, that a couple will still be valid a month from now.

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2 thoughts on “paper or plastic?

  1. The kids in my family are well-behaved but sometimes I am frustrated by the lack of emphasis my siblings place on academics. I’m not saying they’re bad students, I’m saying they aren’t working to their potential. But I LOVE my nephews/nieces and they are very, very good kids.

  2. Bah humbug! This is a travesty!

    Actually I dunno. I mean the debit cards look pretty cool, but yeah, the cash was central to the charm of playing monopoly and as you’ve mentioned kids don’t have to be on their toes about cheating and stuff.

    Anyway, I feel like an old man. Damn kids today and their debit card monopoly board games!

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