love thyself

Lately, it’s been so humid here, that my hair’s gone crazy. It’s just all over the place, & there’s nothing I can really do to control it. I know if I just cut (read: trim a quarter to half inch) it a little, it’ll be fine. But I’ve been waiting for this next weekend before I do. Cause I’m straightening it for two parties; & I don’t want to trim it & then damage perfectly good follicles. So, I’m waiting til after this weekend, so that whatever damage I do to my hair can just get cut off.

Point being, I’ve been a wreck about my hair lately. It’s really nice out & not as humid, & I’m having a good hair day for the 1st time in forever, & then I saw this:

Boondocks 7/23/2006
You’ll have to click on the pic to enlarge & read

So, I’m trying now not to gripe about the things that make us who we are; & I thought I’d share, cause I know there’s a lot of us (read: curly-haired gals) that do go through our hair probs & it bugs us. But I’m gonna think of it as fluffy clouds now. Even if it is cheesy.

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