PhotoFriday #2: common

Today’s challenge is ‘common’. Whenever I walk past the Western Reserve Historical Society here in Cleve, I always stop at this patch:
There’s just so many of them. I keep thinking (sometimes hoping) that they’ll just take over! Just spread like wild fire.

They seem to be under some sort of “contained expanse” right now. I know this, b/c I’ve seen the dudes out there ‘controlling’ them while I sit on a bench, eat lunch, & watch. Damn the man. Always tryin to keep a good ivy-growth down! Or something like that.

I love the distinct vein-age on each leaf. You really should click on the pic to see it all large & in-charge though. Or, to see it completely blown-up, click here.

It’s like an intricate spider-web, but it’s the life blood of it all. It’s really quite something to behold really, up close. And if you lift up just the surface leaves, you see this inticate spider-web of stems underneath.

They’re everywhere & so common. You see them everywhere, but when you really stop to look at them, it’s like you’re witnessing something & noticing it for the 1st time ever. As soon as I saw what this week’s challenge was, the 1st thing that popped into my mind was this patch of green in my life. So, I went out on my lunch break to capture it for y’all. To share. Cause sharin is kewl.

In other news, I’ve just finally opened up my very own flickr account!! Yea! (read: yay! yippee!) So, if you click on any of the pics, I’ve hotlinked them to the actual pic at the flickr account. Yeah, I know, I’ve become a lean, mean, htm-ell-in machine.

Click here to see other PhotoFriday participants. Some of their shots are just absolutely amazing; & superbly breath-taking. Mine is no-where close, but I’m really happy w/ it this week.

One thought on “PhotoFriday #2: common

  1. Way to go on the close up pic. It looks all natl geographic/botanical today-ish like. I’m not sure if “botanical today” is even a real periodical. But I like that pic. Way to go!

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