Darfur & the ICC

Everyone is upset about the genocide & atrocities going on in the Dafur region of Sudan. It is a complete outrage. So many innocent lives lost. I know it’s a massive amount of ppl. We read individual accounts of what’s going on, & our hearts ache for them. But what you read is only an iota of the tragedy. There are countless untold stories; some of which will never be told, for the ppl who may tell them have been silenced.

To date, not a single person has been brought to justice for these war crimes & crimes against humanity. Go to the link, & fill out a letter to our US Administration to get involved w/ the International Criminal Court, so that these ppl can be brought to justice.

Amnesty International is trying to get as many letters as possible to them by July 17th, which is International Justice Day.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is the best hope for justice in Sudan.

For more information, or other links, you can visit the Bloggers for Darfur website.

In other news, I also hotlinked the pic to the left, so you can just click on it to take you to the page where you can take action. Yes-this is a 1st for me, & yes-I do think I’m a complete genius & very clever. I know others have been doing it for years, but let me revel in my accomplishments, ‘kay.

4 thoughts on “Darfur & the ICC

  1. I know that many ppl have been concerned about this; & have written to officials expressing their concern before.

    But it helps to do so in a massive grassroots campaign such as this; b/c the sheer number of the same statement being told to Washington really makes them take notice.

  2. i’m glad to see folk are getting involved in this. the site of what’s going on makes me very sad.

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