yahoo news articles & my need to republish

Hello all,

I just wanted to let y’all know that I had to go back through my archives & republish a lot of posts that had links in them. I was going through to see if all the links were still valid, & it turns out that all the Yahoo news links I had (some AP news articles, but via Yahoo news), were no longer good.

So, I re-linked the news stories w/ the proper linkage.

Anywhohow, here’s where it makes a diff. I’ve made it easier to suscribe to my feed by clicking on the RSS icon on the right menu. For those you have a yahoo home page (y’all know who you are), once you click on it, just click on the ‘+yahoo’ button & you’ll have lil ole moi on yo home page. Kewl, huh? I KNOW!!!

Oh, but w/ all the re-linkaging I just did, some of those posts were republished so the updated versions of the old posts will show up there.

If you don’t suscribe, I shoulda told you that you didn’t have to read any of this from the beginning. I’m sorry. If you have kids, go read to them since you can read so well though.

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