Um, guess who I’m never gonna vote for…

This guy is a complete idiot. I can’t even believe he said that. I’ve never been one to hold one statement against someone. I mean, I’ve made some rather dumb statements in my life. But this is unreal.

Senator Joe Biden – “You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent, I’m not joking…

Oh, yes he did. This has nothing to do w/ the price of tea in China. He was talking to someone w/ a lil pigment on their skin, & he was trying to think of some way to relate. I mean, he can’t talk to a potential voter the same way he talks to his housekeeper. He thought he was makin a funny. I get it. And yeah, I still think that this just totally broke him for me (& prob a lot of others out there).

Seriously, Biden, is that the only thing you could come up w/ to say to someone? You do realize that if he’s a potential voter, um, that makes him an American citizen too. Don’t cha think, Biden?

Click this to watch the video clip, if you must. I don’t really recommend it.

6 thoughts on “Um, guess who I’m never gonna vote for…

  1. Oh my goosh. Has the man never been to new england? I live in quincy, ma where dunkin donuts was founded. It’s literally on every block. There’s billions of them…like a plague. And the people here are so loyal to their “local business” even though it’s become a nationwide franchise. At the one right by my house, every morning, there is a line of suits out the door. That’s right…suits….business men and women. Supporting their locals. And I can honestly say that I’ve never seen an Indian man or woman there…mainly because there are not many around here (we’re mainly asian and white breads here). But I can also honestly say, that I’d LOVE to see one little Indian girl there one day ;).
    Anyway, bottom line is I think Mr. Biden needs to leave his house once in awhile and open his eyes.
    My 3 cents….

  2. I just realized I said “where dunkin donuts was founded” like it was under a slab of granite or something and they took it and cloned it.
    …must be why their coffee tastes like dirt…..oh no she di’int!

  3. The dude’s from Delaware, that’s like right at the tip of New-Englandism, right?

    HAH! Oh my GAWD, you crack me UP, Sparkler! I do miss you so much. My sis loves their coffee. I’ve only had their coffee & one of those breakfast cauoi-ssssaaunts once, & I thought it was quite delectable.

    They sure don’t skimp on tha suga for that coffee, I’ll tell you what. If you love your ‘red-eyes’, like I know you do, then that’s not really the place for you to get yours (caufee, that is).

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