Luciano Pavarotti had surgery for pancreatic cancer this past week in an undisclosed hospital in NY. I just read the story about it, & it seems like they were able to remove the entire mass. They say he’s recovering well.

Here’s the thing about pancreatic cancer. It’s the most lethal. Most patients die w/in a year, & less than 4% make it a full 5 years. FOUR PERCENT!! That’s really scary.

It seems like a death sentence. Like you’re just waiting for the clock to stop ticking, cause you know the odds are against you. I really feel for him & his fam (he’s got 4 kids). I wish him the best; & anyone dealing w/ cancer the best as well.

AP News article | Reuters article | BBC News

2 thoughts on “Pavarotti

  1. I don’t know much about the Pavarotti or opera, but I do know the man can sing. I mean I got into opera type music when Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli had that big duet. Anyway, I listened to some Bocelli songs and then by accident listened to the same opera sung by the Pavarotti and I was blown away. The best way I can describe the difference was that Pavarotti’s voice was stronger and clearer. It’s a bad description but it’s the best I can do.

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