world cup fever

Everyone knows someone who’s got it. Monday, at a cookout, I met a girl who’s got it bad. Her prob right now is that since the US is outta contention, she can’t find the game on her tele. ESPN, ABC, & ESPN2 are still broadcasting games, but she couldn’t find them. I guess they’re just airing whichever games they want all sporadically. So, I told her how I watch it. Now, mind you, I don’t have ‘the fever’. If I’m dusting, vacuuming, or straightening up the living room, I do turn it on. I’m not glued to the set, but I’ll watch it for a few mins, then turn off the tv, & go onto whatever is next.

So, I told her to find her Telemundo channel, cause they’ll play the World Cup all day & all night, like it’s 1999. So, I’ve made a list.

Reasons to watch the World Cup on Telemundo versus the American sports channel:

1. No 5 sec delay.
What do they seriously think is gonna happen? Oh, wait, maybe it’s cause of all the streakers during the games. Ok, so maybe that’s why. Forget it then. But still, no 5 sec delay.
2. The commentators talk in Spanish.
Do you really need a play by play during the world cup? We don’t know the players names or anything. So you can clearly see the one dude passed it to the other, who bounced it off his head to some other guy who kicked it all sideways-like into the goal! Yeah! You can see all that, you don’t need someone explaining the obvious. BUT, it does sound cooler when they’re all talkin in Spanish all fast, & rollin ‘r’s, & what-not. I guess if you know Spanish, it may help; but I don’t & I totally enjoy watching it in Spanish anyway. It’s just plain, good clean fun.
3. You don’t have to check your tv guide to see what games are playing & when.
They’re always on, all the time. They barely even interrupt w/ the news. Screw the regularly scheduled programming, they’re (like the whole rest of the world) excited about the World Cup.

Now, I don’t really watch it, like I said before. But I do love seeing ppl all excited & passionate about stuff. They’re playing commercials in Europe about it, & U2 did a couple of the spots. Here’s what the Edge says in one: “…every 4 years in June, sick days increase 300 percent. And yet not one employee is fired. Not one doctor’s note is required. Not one important meeting is ruined. Because bosses are out sick, too.”

I think that’s just crazy. I mean, by 300%!?! That’s insane! But I do like crazy, & it’s totally insane in a really cool way. So, I just wanna say that I’m totally diggin all the ppl who are all ga-ga over da Cup.

2 thoughts on “world cup fever

  1. Mama says another good reason to watch world cup are the shapely thighs and manly men.

    Mama says it’s the female eye candy equivalent to the Victoria Secret Fashion show.

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