Confessions of an ole-lady

Ok, so now, as an official “ol’lady”, I’m gonna share my new grey hair theory w/ y’all. This theory was posited last night, as I washed my face. It was then that I noticed a grey hair. So, I did what anyone does when they see a grey hair; I pulled out the trusty-tweezers to yank that sucka OUT!

10 mins later, I had yanked out 3 grey hairs, & 4 regular non-grey hairs.

So, you know how “they” say that for every grey hair you pluck out, you’ll get 2 more? Well, I think it’s just b/c you actually end up just plucking out twice as many hairs (or in my case, more than twice) as expected. I was only to pull out 3 grey hairs, & instead I got out 7 hairs total.

Soooo, maybe that’s why you’re supposed to end up w/ twice as many grey hairs as you thought you pulled out. Cause you were so focused on the grey ones, you didn’t even notice all the yun’uns you was yankin.

Whaddya think?

4 thoughts on “Confessions of an ole-lady

  1. I’ve had gray hair for years, thanks to the gene’s I got from my dad. People will never see the gray’s because I will dye my hair until I’m 90.

  2. Oh my! Did you just look up in the mirror and see it? Where, on your head, was it located? I wonder if I have any…ACK!

  3. Fresh- oh, don’t you worry, mine’ll get dyed too. But not until I have enough to warrant that type of maintenance. (remember my laziness).

    Urban- Sweetie, please remember that you are like 4 years younger than me. Also, I’ve been super-stressed out for the last year.

  4. I’ve been an official “ol’ man” for some time now. I have some grey/white chest hair. Yall know it’s sexy.

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