my love of sandals has caused me to blush

So, I would totally love these “hot coco” sandals that my boi Ken had made; except I’m not so big on rosettes on stuff. Maybe if I was a flamenco (or tango too, I guess) dancer, I’d be all about it. But alas, I’m not. So, I was looking for shoes that looked similar to these sandals by Kenneth Cole:And I found these:Yes, they were very similar. veeeerrryy similar. I’m a picture person. When I get magazines, I flip through the whole damn thing, & look at all the pics. Sometimes, I’ll read the captions. After I’ve seen all the pics, I’ll go back & actually read the damn thing. Anyway, so I saw the pic of the shoe FIRST. I totally want to emphasize that. I was looking at little itty-bitty thumbnails of shoes looking for a similar sandal to the one you see above, minus the rosette.

So, I clicked on the sandal. It was then that I noticed the written description of it. And then I looked away. I look back. Yes, folks, this is designed by the one & only Jess Simpson. The “fake-hair wearin, Nick Lachey-dumpin, over-grown-bag carryin, looks horrible w/out makeup & her hair done, can now sleep w/ lead singers of bands named Maroon 5” Jessica Simpson. I was pretty mortified. Then, I laughed at myself, & I’m posting this short anecdote to prove that it can also happen to you. Now, I’m gonna go back to sandal shopping. If you’ll excuse me please. Have a great weekend!

One thought on “my love of sandals has caused me to blush

  1. I too … got sucked in by the Jessica shoes while reading your blog. They are really cute after all…..I wouldn’t let that stop you from getting them. It’s not like she had anything to do with them. She probably doesn’t even know she has her own shoe line. Hee hee

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