Interesting articles

I think that periodically, I’m gonna post here some of the most interesting articles that I’ve read recently. I may discuss them, & I may not. But usually when I read articles, really read them, they linger w/ me for a while. And eventually, I’ll want to re-read it. So, please feel free to read on the things that I find of interest here & there.

25 worst tech products of all time
The LIWW found this & showed it to me. She says that I could probably contribute more to this particular article. I agree.

Something Borrowed from the New Yorker Archive
I actually read this one a while ago, when the story broke about the Harvard chick that was accused of plagiarizing. I don’t just love it for the Beastie Boys reference though. It is a fascinating article.

2 thoughts on “Interesting articles

  1. The New Yorker article by Macolm Gladwell was a super read. Thanks for linking to it. Gladwell is one helluva writer … check out his piece on homelessness titled “Million Dollar Murray” — it was an excellent read as well.

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