Barbara, Barbaro, & Taylor Hicks

This actually happened on Monday, but now it’s starting to annoy me. I came back to my office from lunch on Monday, & am asked if I heard the latest on Barbaro.

Moi: “huh? Barbara who?”
Lady I work w/ (LIWW): “No, Barbaro”
Me: “Who’s Barbaro? Is he a musician?” (I’m wondering how I can forget a name like Barbaro, I know it couldn’t have been an American Idol thing, cause that’s Taylor. BTW, “GO TAYLOR!!”)
LIWW: “No, Barbaro the horse”
Me: “What horse? What are you talking about?”
LIWW: “You know, the horse from the race, he had to go into surgery?”
*Now, it dawns on me.*
Me: “Oooh, thaaat horse. Yeah, I saw a picture of the bones, but I didn’t bother to read anything about it really”

That night, he was on World News Tonight (w/ Elizabeth Vargas, who my mom says is preggers). Yeah, you know what? I really don’t care. And to be frank wit cha, I didn’t realize all these other ppl cared so much for his well-being either.

Here’s the scenario, & you tell me if you see any inconsistencies in this train of thought. Let’s go out & create a ranch, hold animals that once roamed the Earth freely, & give them a strict structured life. We’ll keep them locked up in stables, “breed them” whenever (& w/ whomever) we see fit. They will be on a strict diet, have to “exercise” a certain amount everyday, have to run practice races (on a enclosed track), & basically not be able to just run around freely in a wide meadow/field w/ posies.

So, after all this, we’ll take them out for the public once a year. During that once-a-year public exhibition, they’ll run a race w/ some short guy weighing a-buck-ten on their back hitting them. If they win, we’ll give them a bunch of roses, which they probably don’t really care for. If they lose, they get to go out on a 2nd exhibition, where they are sold off to who-knows-who, who may or may not abuse the horse in order to get him to win the next race.

Now, this particular horse (who has led a life similar to the one mentioned above) ends up getting injured, & now everyone & their mother all of a sudden cares!!! Who cared about the horse’s quality of life before all this? If the horse is lucky, he may not fully recover, & get to retire early. I mean, I don’t want him to die or anything drastic. But he’s more than paid his dues, let him chill out, maybe meet himself a lil filly, & grow old w/ her. This pic is the place he’s at now, recovering. I hope he gets to chill here for a while, it looks pretty tranquil.

At least on American Idol, they chose to subject themselves to all public appearances & stuff. And they get to pick one of the three songs themselves. In closing, I’d like to say “GO TAYLOR!”.

4 thoughts on “Barbara, Barbaro, & Taylor Hicks

  1. I used to be anti-Zoo and anti-domestication until I read a great book called Life of Pi. Anyway, a great argument is made for Zoos and the like. Basically in the wild, animals have it rough. Food is scarce, there are a lot of gang/territorial wars/fights … basically, surviving in the wild is a tough life. Compare that to living in a Zoo where food and shelter are provided, there’s little fighting, and the animals can roam around their enclosure.

    And the life of a high-priced race horse is pretty swell. I mean these horses eat the best food, have large fields to roam, and are almost waited on hand and foot. I mean each top race horse has a companion horse whose sole purpose is to be the race horse’s pal and keep him calm.

    Yeah, I still have major problems on the breeding we do to these animals … especially dogs and cats we keep as pets. But I must say that I’ve changed my mind and think the animals that live in a Zoo (or a prized race horse) have better lives than their couterparts in the wild.

  2. I’ve heard of the Life of Pi, but never actually read it. I just don’t think that all the ppl who seem to care about the horse *now*, after not really paying any attention to it before the race, are kinda full of it.

    I can understand concern on the part of the horse-industry ppl. But everyone on the subway & at work here’s talking about this horse now. And for days. I think there’s other stuff to concern ourselves w/. Let the horse-ppl tend to the horse.

    Also, the horse didn’t get to choose his profession. That kinda bothers me, that this is a million-dollar industry founded on these animals who didn’t choose their fate.

    I understand & agree w/ you on the zoos & wildlife preserves though.

  3. Yeah, I totally hear what you’re saying. One day it’s “Barbaro who?” … and the next it’s “did he survive the surgery?!?!” — like these people were following Barbaro his entire career.

    People have short attention spans. It kinda sucks.

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