send in the pigs!

Hey y’all! I’ve decided I want to make a pig gallery from ppl who visit this bl*g. So, here’s the easiest way to do it.

Go to the pig drawing site, & create your pig.
Once you draw the pig & submit your drawing, it’ll give you a link to your pig.
Just copy/paste the link in the comments section of this post. Oh, & if you want to add a comment about your pig, do it there too!
I’ll take it from there!

Please, please, please do it! I never send out chain letters or memes or any craziness like that. So, you know I really want my own pig gallery when I post this. C’mon, you know you want to! If you do it, I’ll give you 5 points! Thanks!

Here’s what we’ve got in our pig gallery so far (click on each pic to enlarge):

8 thoughts on “send in the pigs!

  1. OH, no, I just didn’t copy/paste the ENTIRE link. Some of it got cut off. I was wondering why, it didn’t look like something you’d do. Ok, I’m gonna replace it w/ your real pig. Your real one is waaay cuter!

  2. [B][COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=5]Banana[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]
    [COLOR=Indigo]Click to view my test results[/COLOR][/URL]

  3. Ok, I just added Nathan’s pig. His totally blows all ours outta the wata.

    Also, I think his pig’s smokin a doobie.

  4. Yo D it’s totally a “special cig”. i drew a picture of my favorite pig Veronica. She is in Dayton Beach FL (that’s an orange tree) and is walking to the beach. It’s June 1st and she just dug her old striped one piece out of the closet and it’s a little snug, but what can you do….begining of summer right??? REMEMBER YOUR SUNSCREEN little piggies!!! Peace,
    n diggity

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