more tales from Sir Paul & the peg-leg

So, Heather Mills & Paul McCartney have split up, huh? Who would’ve thought? Well, besides Paul’s kids, who’ve known their dad all their lives.

If a rocker can’t keep a marriage going with an ex-model* who is 25 years younger than him, what hope is there for the rest of us? I mean, normally, relationships like that thrive, don’t they? Why wouldn’t a marriage where the woman is hunting down J-Lo to chastise her, while her husband is out & about, touring the world & putting on rock-shows, work?**

And what!?! He wouldn’t let her sign a prenup, even though she wanted to! Sir Paul’s worth over 1.5 bill. Yes, folks, that’s a lot of purses & shoes & fun electronic equipment! I don’t get this last part, b/c I know he loved her, & she loved him. But the thing is, I always thought that Linda was like “the” love of his life. When she died, he said one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard from a man who’s been married as long as they were. He had said that he just lost his girlfriend. I thought that was so touching; b/c once ppl get married, they no longer act as they did when they were dating, they change. Oftentimes, for the lamer. Anyway, so I figured that Paul had found a woman with whom (who/whom?) he wanted to share the rest of his days. He didn’t feel about her as he did Linda, but she was gone now, & he should have a companion to spend the remainder of life with. That’s just my view, from the outside lookin in.

*I used the term model very loosely. I am a fashion buff, I read fashion mags & watch the new lines come out, & look through vintage stuff (from all countries, not just the US). And yet, I never heard of Heather Mills or her fake leg before she hooked up w/ Sir Paul.
**I know what you’re thinking here: “Holy run-on sentence, batman!” Well, that’s nothing compared to how I talk in real life!

On a related note, I was wondering why they call Swedish meatballs “Swedish meatballs”? Is this like “French toast” or “French fries” or “German Chocolate Cake”? Is there a real reason they’re refered to as Swedish? What makes them different? mmmm, cake.

3 thoughts on “more tales from Sir Paul & the peg-leg

  1. I think they’re called Swedish meatballs because they’re gross. Actually, I have no idea. I just think they’re gross.

  2. I thought Paul’s reference to his wife as his girlfriend was amazingly romantic and touching, too! I keep looking at successful couples and making mental notes of how to keep the “magic”…you know? Hopefully, I won’t be one of the totally lame ones, I’ll only be moderately lame. 🙂

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