Yale admits just about anyone


You know how schools are always looking to diversify their student body? Well, they are. I just read that Yale enrolled a former Taliban official in to a non-degree program. That’s not even all of it. This person only had a 4th grade education!

Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, a former ambassador-at-large of the Taliban, was admitted as a “special student”.

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4 thoughts on “Yale admits just about anyone

  1. It feels like we’re missing some vital information from this story…PLUS colleges having special student admitance may have a lax academic policy because it’s non-credit and non-degree and if this guy wants to pay YALE prices for a class “just for fun” why would Yale turn down the money? Regardless of who’s spending it, it all spends the same.

  2. Yeah, I can understand why they did it. It looks great in terms of when colleges report their annual stats (to Petersons & all those companies).

    But I’m pretty sure he’s not paying. I know he’s prob got the money. But I heard that Yale recently also got a 100 million dollar endowment/donation. Also, I’m sure that there are many “interested” parties who would be willing to foot the bill here.

    Here’s the thing, though. I would reason that a school wouldn’t want to take him b/c of the financial & marketing liability that he would be.

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