things change

I haven’t been posting for a while. I wasn’t planning on updating either. It is now officially less than 2 weeks until I turn xx years old. I’ve spent so many years (24 to 27) lying about my age. I finally started letting ppl know my real age around 28. But, in b/t bouts of “freaking out” about turning xx, I’ve also been stressed by life-stuff. You know, the stuff life hands you b/c you’re “supposedly strong enough to take it”? W/ that whole “whatever doesn’t kill you, blah, blah, blah”?

And in b/t those moments, I’ve had some really strange thoughts. Really random thoughts. So, for a little while at least, I’ll just post these random thoughts in little mini-posts as they come up. You know, like those little miniature versions of candy-bars that Hershey’s makes? The “bite-size” versions of Mr. Goodbar? mmmm, I do enjoy Mr. Goodbar. Bite-size or full size. Although, I’ve only had the full-size version of the candy-bar once, & I had to share it w/ someone cause it was too big.

Also, can I ask that no one comment on my turning xx? I know for ppl who know me, this is strange. My birthdays have all come w/ fun parties or nights out, & have been titled. The titles usually have words like “extravaganza” or “super” or “celebration” or “jubilee” or something w/ a combination of words like that. There would be dress/attire requirements (when I was younger, glitter requirements).

But I don’t want to make a big (or any) deal of it this year. I would actually prefer it didn’t happen at all. But I’ve talked to a lot of my friends, & apparently, this is not an option. For my girls who are older than me, they don’t understand what my glitch is.

“But you look young” “you’re only as old as you feel” “stop making a big deal, 30’s NOT old” that sort of thing.

Well, I know it’s not that old (or old at all). I know that w/ age comes wisdom. I know my experiences (& I’ve had a few), have taught me well, & have made me who I am. I don’t want to be 25 again. Btw, I freaked out when I turned 25 too; but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Please no one comment on this. In fact, I’ll prob delete it one day. It’ll have a slow disappearance, kinda like Nikon’s “film cameras” or telegrams from Western Union. And nobody (but me) noticed that they no longer exist.

Nikon decided not to make any more “non-digital” cameras. I know ppl who are probably more traditionalists or sentimentalists than I would care. But I don’t. And those ppl are prob not even going to buy a cam that needs film anyway. I don’t care that Ford no longer makes cars that need to be hand-cranked to start up. I say, bring on the new technology! We’ll put the old ones in a museum & document how wonderful they were back then. B/c they were, I’m not arguing w/ that.

My youth & naïveté was wonderful back then, but I don’t want to go back to that either.

So, at least Nikon did put out a press statement saying that they were halting production of those cams. But Western Union just one day stopped offering telegrams one day. They used to have a link to it on their website. And they didn’t tell anyone, they just got rid of it. They were pretty sneaky about it too (I have to say, I’m kinda proud of them). They just “undid” the link itself. And then eventually, they got rid of the text altogether.

Ok, that’s it for now.

3 thoughts on “things change

  1. I knew about the demise of the Western Union Telegram because my friend received one of the last ones they sent! It was a birthday present from another friend!

  2. hahaha, thanks Chelsea! Nothing anyone’s been saying to make me feel better about this has been working.

    And ppl say that 40s the new 30, or 50s the new 40. But I never heard that 30s the new 15 before. If this is true, than I really am acting my age. Yeah!

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