Moses, Clay, & hygiene

Why do ppl name their kids “Clay”? I think even “Moses” is a better name than “Clay” for a boy. It’s distinguished & is a “man’s name” definitely. Clay is smooshy stuff on the ground & synonymous w/ dirt. It’s their call what they want to name their kids, but I would def prefer Moses over Clay as a boy’s name. This came up today, b/c I actually dealt w/ a real live young boy (not man) by the name of Clay. And a few weeks ago, I know a lot of ppl were worked up cause Gwynie named her boy Moses. I’m cool w/ it, I think Moses is a grand name for a young man. I wouldn’t want it to become one of the popular boy’s names, but few & far between, it’s ok.

This whole thing reminded me of last year around this same time, when I got on a rant about ppl naming their kid “Jeanne”. If you name a baby “Jeanne”, then as that baby grows up, and ppl talk to her, they will be saying “Hi Jeanne” but it will come out “hygiene”. Why do that to your kid? Don’t you love your baby?! I thought ppl were supposed to love their kids & be totally in love/smitten/ all that good-stuff w/ their children.

4 thoughts on “Moses, Clay, & hygiene

  1. I never really realized the “Hi Jeanne” and “hygiene” thing. Maybe they can go by “Jeannie” and that would solve things.

  2. Ok, so my boyfriend has a myspace page and I sometimes visit it and, consequently, visit his friends’ pages. WELL, he has two friends (they’re a couple)who each have a page and on each of their pages they LIE, LIE, LIE! Now, I know myspace may be a way to re-invent yourself or develop a persona but if you’re going to do that, don’t share your page with friends who really know you and know what’s really up. We’ve all been known to fudge the truth a bit or stretch-it to suit our needs but I’d like to believe most people are honest most of the time. These people, not honest (seemingly) any of the time. I’m glad your blog/profile isn’t full of LIES. I’m glad you truthfully share your thoughts with us.

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