more gas

I’m sure most of y’all have seen this by now. But the pic is of the Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert (R- IL).

There was a press conference held at a gas station in DC yesterday. Afterward, all the members of Congress that attended drove off (by “drove off”, I mean that they were driven off by hired drivers, of course). They all left in Hydogen-powered cars. But they were only driven a little way off to where their real cars were. By “cars”, I mean super-dee-duper-gas-guzzlin SUVs. Then, they drove the few blocks that were left to get back to Capitol Hill.

We sure know how to pick our leaders in this country, huh?

You can read USA Today’s commentary on it here.

The reason this bothers me so much is b/c these ppl only care about appearances. They couldn’t care less about what’s really going on in the US right now. Big Oil — Price (prize) gouging. All that matters to them is how they look. They’re just posers.

Which shouldn’t be such a big deal. But I guess it really bothers me that they think we’re all buying into what they’re showing us. And I guess a lot of Americans are; or else why would these big-business tycoons be in office now? I just wish there was something more. I wish they really understood what was happening & really cared enough to do something real about it. Not just put on a show like we’re at the $5 matinee & then go back to how they were an hour & twenty mins later. I guess I’m just a little frustrated that I just spent $40 to put gas in the car 3 days ago, & it’s on empty now.

4 thoughts on “more gas

  1. Yeah, I heard something on NPR about this. But I had no idea they actually jumped in the hydro-cars for the photo-op and then jumped back into their gas guzzling SUVs when the cameras left.

    The other thing I find absurd is that the gas station is like a block or two from the Capitol. These super-geniuses could have easily just walked over to it. Not only would this save gas, but they could’ve gotten some exercise. Though if anyone has seen our elected officials, exercise isn’t high on their to do list.

  2. I’m furious about the state of this nation and the government’s complete disregard for the environment. AND it’s not just a “tree hugging” issue, it’s an economical issue. Why should we be so dependent on fossil fuels and non-renewables when there are so many other alternatives available. 30 years ago, during the Ford administration, a bill went up to spend money on research and development for alternative fuel sources. 30 years ago. Guess who killed the bill? Our very own VP, Dick Cheney. I can’t believe these Big Oil tycoons sleep at night knowing they’re making record profits and earning astronomical bonuses and people like me can’t afford to completely fill up the gas tank in my car. I ride the bus 3 days a week, now, and on the fourth day I car pool. Basically, I drive one day a week and have drastically reduced my visits to my family because I’m on a seriously limited income and can’t justify the expense of driving an hour just for a fun visit. Hey, Washington, WAKE UP! Hey, voters, do something about this and try to change who our leaders are and who they answer to!

  3. The gas thing is bullshit. I refuse to drive anywhere I don’t have to. If it’s not on my way to work, then I don’t need it. I’ve been riding my bike or walking to the places I can. I’m not giving any more of my hard earned money to those greedy fat bastards.

  4. You know, I agree w/ what y’all have said. I thought about it a lot, & an economist from Columbia University said a few days ago that it’s just b/c of the dramatic hike that we’re so nonplussed about it. He says it’s not really this horrible thing that we’re all getting worked up about.

    But I knew that this was coming, & it didn’t hit me by surprise. And I am still pissed about it. And now, I’m also mad at that Columbia Univ. economist-dude for saying that I’m just being emotional about it.


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