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OK, I’ve been getting a TON of emails asking how to fix the problem w/ the TaxCut software. The prob being that some ppl can’t print it, & want to save it to a pdf file. B/c it’s in it’s own file format (called T05) w/ that extension at the end of it.

In TurboTax, you could just hit “file”, “save as…”, & change the type to a pdf easily.

Well, here’s how to do it w/ TaxCut:
1–I went to download.com, & typed in a search for a “pdf writer”.
I had one previously installed that also required a download of a “ghostwriter” program. But it somehow got deleted. So, I just went back & discovered a new one. It’s only 2 mb in size & downloads super-fast. It’s called cutePDF writer 2.5. Now, I don’t know if you need a ghostwriter program for this one. Since I already had it on my computer, it may have just ran in the background like w/ my previous pdf writer program. But for some reason, I don’t think you need to download anything else for this one.
2–So, download this CutePDF Writer 2.5, & install it onto your computer. It’s a free download.
3–Now, to use it, all you do is goto “File” & “Print”. Once on the ‘print’ screen, go to “Find Printer” & select the pdf writer as your printer output.

I literally no longer have a printer on our computer (gave it to my sister). So, now if I want to print something at home, I always have to save it as a pdf file, then use another printer (like my work one, or you can use your public library’s computer). If you are in the same situation, then simply go to your “Start” button, select ‘Settings’ & ‘Printers & Faxes’. You’ll see your new CutePDF writer in there. Just right-click it, & select the ‘set as default printer’ option. It will get a check mark next to it now. And from here on out, whenever you hit the ‘print’ button or icon, it’ll automatically convert whatever you’re working on (office doc, or this .t05 file) to a pdf format. Then, you can save it to a disk, or email it to yourself. My dad wanted to email his 1040 completed taxes to my sister who’s in college so that she can use it to do her FAFSA for her school’s financial aid. Important docs like that you always want to send as a pdf so that no one can make any changes to it, & the doc’s integrity remains intact.

Original Post on this whole TaxCut drama. Who knew it was so universal though?!

UPDATE (7/5/2006): The CutePDF Writer 2.5 that I had downloaded & used is no longer available for download. But I did find that they have a new CutePDF Writer 2.6 available for download now. It may even be better/easier/faster/who knows! Also, don’t forget to read the license & user/editor’s reviews before downloading stuff!

4 thoughts on “.t05 solution

  1. OK, I know a lot of ppl have read this. I can see that ppl came here via a search for help w/ .T05 files, & spent quite a bit of time here.

    And no one has made any comment about it at all?!? Has this been helpful to anyone or is it not what you’re looking for?

  2. You just saved me a lot of work/stress. THANK YOU! I know it is 2007 but I needed my 2005 taxes and your site saved me!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

  3. Tremendous tip! Many thanks.

    I knew I could “print” to an Adobe file with my work laptop but couldn’t find a similar function on my personal machines. Thanks for calling out the CuteWriter download as that was my gap. Now I can easily use a flash drive to haul the forms into work for a quick print job. Now if anyone has tips to fix a non-functional Brother MFD device, then I’m all ears.

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