Vaughn, dead or alive?

OK, so an anon posted a comment that began w/:

if you haven’t noticed…jj abrams is going mad! i SAW vaughn die!!!

I started posting a comment in reply, but it ended up being super-long, so I’m just posting it here instead.

anon- Yeah, I saw Vaughn die too. But, you have to remember:
-that they have the whole cloning thing. Plus, Vaughn was a double-agent, & maybe it wasn’t really the real Vaughn that they shot 18 times.
-Plus, how does someone get shot that much, & still kinda “make it” enough to go to the hospital, not die right there on the spot. Here’s my thought on that: they extracted him after the car crash, afterwhich, they unleashed “clone Vaughn”, & he was the one they eventually killed.
-Or, the whole death was a hoax, so that they could have Vaughn not tell Syd the truth. Like, they could’ve injected something to make him “fake” die, but really come back to life after they extracted him from the hospital. Then, they kept him so that he couldn’t say anything.

Also, I think Michael Vaughn’s father, Bill Vaughn is still alive & working to take down “Prophet 5” which I think is still alive & kicking. I think it may even be bigger (“parent” company, if you will) of the Alliance. Or, maybe Bill Vaughn knew that his son’s life was in danger, so he injected him w/ the “fake death serum” so that he could save him. Maybe let him into his life now that he does know about Prophet-5.

This final theory does work for me b/c JJ Abrams loves to have historically fictional stories. I mean, 1st he has Rambaldi artifacts that really do exist, & he really did predict a lot of stuff. Then, character names like Renée Rousseau, or John Locke. And all the historical literature. So, he may have taken the fake death serum from Shakespeare’s “Romes & Jules”. Maybe that’s a stretch, but I don’t think so.

Also, I think both father & son Vaughns are still alive cause we thought that Iryna Derevko was dead (twice), & she’s most def is NOT!

2 thoughts on “Vaughn, dead or alive?

  1. “Oh, yeah, Vidhi, remind me to tell you the super-important thing about that dude. It’s a HUGE surprise. I’ll tell you about it later though, ‘Kay?

    Peace out, yo. “

    about WHAT dude?? and what is the super important thing? i am curious now!!!!

  2. Vids, I only wrote that to tease you about your post. There is no “guy/dude”, & there’s no big news. It was all a hoax. Sorry. (haha, well, kinda.)

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