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Thanks again Idle, for the LOST recap. I do enjoy that show, but I just watch it in tidbits. For some reason, I do get to see the meaningful looks, & I did see the oh-my-so incredibly sinister heeby-jeeby-giving slick-grin he gave when Locke asked if he punched in the numbers. I don’t know what that means though. The “pressing the buttons”, “punching the numbers”, whatever. So, I need that cleared up.

Yeah, I do watch Lost really weirdly. Like I said, if you added up all the minutes I’ve seen of all the episodes so far, it only adds upto a few hours. (From both seasons so far. Unless there’ve been 3 seasons, I lost track. haha “lost track” haha. Ok, I digress.) I have a weird attention span. I’ll watch a few mins, then if a story line that I don’t care about comes on, I’ll just leave the room. Then, I’ll start doing something else, & get involved in that. Eventually, I might walk past the living room & remember I was watching LOST, & sit down & watch some more. So, in a month, I’ve probably watched maybe an hour of the show combined. I am interested though, so I’m constantly asking LOST viewers to update me. Many (well, 2, my mom & my sis) now refuse to update me anymore. But it’s Idle to the rescue! Yea!

So, here’s what I think so far.
1–Rose & Berns are seriously having marital issues (that started on their honeymoon), & they need to split up. I like Rose. Bernie is a pain, I think they should trade him to “the others” to get back Michael & Walt. Tell them he’s really special in some magical way or something, & then let them deal w/ da pain in da b-u-t-t that he really is.
2—Rose should make a move for John Locke. They did have that meaningful glance on the beach. Well, maybe not. But at least leave Berns behind, & just be friends w/ Locke.
3—Yeah, I do agree about the “magic” of the island. (I wish I could send every single cancer patient there*). So, when that voo-doo-who-doo-dude** in Aussie said that her healing energy wasn’t there (Australia), but he didn’t know where it was. Well, it appears to be on d’isle. So, prepare for Locke to be healed in 1-2 weeks (instead of the 4).
and 4—If Jack & Kate hook up, I will be sooo pissed! JJ Abrams***, hear me now, DO NOT HOOK ‘EM UP!!!

PS to Idle: I did this whole post in Trebuet just for you!

*speaking of the tradegy that is cancer; my sis is involved w/ “relay for life”, & you can donate to the American Cancer Society through her Relay for Life homepage (tax-deducible, y’all!). It’s fun & you’ll feel great doing it!
**this reminds me of the “Voodoo Lady” song by Ween. I love that song.
***my sis also left me a voicemail yesterday saying that Vaughn was alive. So, maybe I’ll do an Alias recap if anyone wants.

3 thoughts on “Idle’s LOST

  1. if you haven’t noticed…jj abrams is going mad! i SAW vaughn die!!! also, i can’t update you on lost because i don’t watch it every week, though i did watch it last night and michael is back, walt is still with the others, but no big deal, he was pretty much a brat anyways

  2. 1. I like your template!

    2. I heart you for doing Trebuchet just. for. meeeeeeee.

    3. Ok, Claire (preggers girl who now has the baby) and Kate and Rousseau (crazy French lady who’s been on island for 16 years) went exploring and found another hatch, looks like it could’ve once been a medical center. Clair remembers being kidnapped there for a couple of weeks when they first got on the island and when they find it again they find a closet with some old clothes and the beard that the Head Other wore on the night of the confrontation. FREAKY!

  3. anon- I actually had to reply to you via a new post.

    Idle- thanks for the 2nd hatch info. Let me know anything you find out about not-Henry.

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