aahhh, to walk on water. . .

There’s been a lot of biblical stuff going around recently. Last week, about the walking on water/ice thing. Yesterday, we found out that Gwyneth named her baby boy Moses. Last night, that remake of the Ten Commandments aired on broadcast tv. I haven’t seen the remake they had on tv yet. I’m sure I will someday though.

Growing up, my dad used to make us watch the Ten Commandments (the original one w/ Chuckie Heston) every year. So, I’m sure they’ll put this one out on dvd, & one day, I’ll end up watching it. I don’t know why he would make us, we’re not even Christian! To watch it once or twice, I could understand it, cause they did want us to grow up knowing about all diff religions. But every year?!?

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about today is that whole “Walking on Water” thing. Last Tuesday, Dr. Doron Nof (Florida State University’s prof of Oceanography, pic at left) stated to the world that there was a scientific explanation to the story of Jesus walking on water. I know it’s not very popular to question religion (proven by all the hate mail that he got right after making the statement publicly), but I do think it’s extremely interesting. I’ve heard all kinds of explanations over the last 10 to 15 years for all kinds of religious “miracles”; including “miracles” in my own religion.

I just like to hear ppl’s ideas & theories on things. I don’t think it’s so wrong to question anything, including religion. I don’t think anyone should try to cram one’s ideas down someone else’s throat though. Like in the olden days, when everyone thought the Earth was the center of the universe & gold ol’ Nicky Copernicus was like “Nu-uh, the sun is”*. Ahh, what a laugh that was, huh? Good ol’ Nick!

But sometimes, it’s nice to hear a new twist on an old story. I also like when bands cover a song. I liked the Pumpkin’s version of Landslide better than Stevie Nick’s version. Most times, I appreciate both the old version & the new (like when ppl re-do David Bowie songs, I love the original, but I like to hear the new version too). But I like the Pumpkin’s version better, so maybe there’s ppl out there who do like new twists on things better than the original.

I do like hearing the science behind the magic though. I love the de-structuralization of it all. Like the Pompidou Centre in Paris**.

Let all the insides out, so everyone can see the mechanics of it all. But I also do believe in magic & miracles.

Recently, I’ve hoped & prayed for some, & haven’t seen them materialize. But I do still believe in them.

*This is a total paraphrasing of what Nick actually said.
**Is it bad that I can’t spell things like “receive” right (ever!, w/out spell-check), but I can easily spell Pompidou right w/out any help?

FSU’s press release on Nof’s theory
Actual article from the Journal of Paleolimnology

4 thoughts on “aahhh, to walk on water. . .

  1. I like the Pumpkin version of Landslide. I also like the original Stevie Nick’s/Fleetwood Mac version as well. And, ::lowers voice::, I like the Dixie Chicks version.

    Don’t tell anyone!

    ps – Cool link to the Pompidou place … I need to hit the museum.

  2. I have fuzzy memories of the original ten commandments. It was one of the few things our family all did together.

  3. Ha ha ha…my mom used to say, “You should watch this and learn!” when the Ten Commandments movie was on. It’s no “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown” but it does tell a story!

  4. I don’t think it’s wrong to question things of a religious nature, it just shows that you care about what you believe and want to be clear on what you’re hearing and seeing!

    I also love your wandering, stream of conciousness post!! It’s like we’re taking the journey with you…lol. ;o)

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