remember your childhood?

These little girls:

Live here:

And it’s breaking my heart.

The above pictures were taken in Tal Afar, a northern city in Iraq. The top pic is some Iraqi girls watching the US soldiers as they patrol the town. The bottom pic is US soldiers patrolling the same area after a suicide bomb attack a few months back. I think our troops are extremely brave, & I’m not trying to comment on our occupancy there in Iraq right now. I am just feeling sad for the little girls who will grow up with this being their childhood.

Oh, and this little boy:

And this little girl:

Live there too.

Oh, & total sidenote: please, no one read this as my “maternal clock” ticking or anything like that. Cause it’s not.

One thought on “remember your childhood?

  1. I know this is really heartbreaking.

    I just read a story in the paper about a little boy who was taken away from his parents because they were abusing him and given to his grandparents.
    They locked him in a room, starved him and he died.

    wtf is wrong with the world???

    I am so upset

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