gassy boo-hoo

Gas prices here in C-town have been about $2.47 to $2.59 from day to day. People were lining up when one of the stations were givin it away for a mere $2.36 a week & a half ago.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I heard that it’s going upto $2.50 & will stay there til August.

WELL, I heard this morning (from the same source that was right-on about prices all last summer), that it’s going to get to $3 a gallon by Memorial Day, & will hover there, & then may get as high as $4 a gall until August!

I am not pleased.

5 thoughts on “gassy boo-hoo

  1. that’s the advantage to not having a license…other ppl drive you around and you don’t have to pay any gas money!

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