the merger! (well, maybe)

I love when different shows & stuff w/in the same genre merge together. Like, my fave Scooby-Doo cartoons were the ones where they hooked up w/ Batman. My fave Jetsons were where they traveled into the past & met up w/ the Flintstones (& vice versa).

Soooo, you can only imagine how absolutely THRILLED I must be right now. Yes, folks, feast your eyes on this:

Now, I’m not sayin that one strip’s gonna “visit” the other, but I am hoping!

And for those of you who may not be familiar w/ Mos Def, I wrote about him a whiles back, check him out in my archive (there’s a pic).

3 thoughts on “the merger! (well, maybe)

  1. I do more than just read comics. I swear! Also, here in Cleve, we have these 2 comics: Funky Winkerbean & Crankshaft (written by Clevelanders), & they are always going into each others strips.

    Mmmm, chocolate!

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