mis-leading chips

OK, I’m not trying to mislead anyone here. My cake did look a lot like the cake below, w/ a minor difference. My cake did not have chips in it. I don’t do “chips” in my food. (I also don’t do lemon wedges w/ my food or water, but that’s a story for another day).

I don’t like chocolate chips or sprinkles in my cake or frosting, or ice cream. I don’t like chunks of anything (chips, sprinkles, tutti-frutti-thingies, fruit, etc) in any cake, cookies, or jello. All through college, I ate Edy’s French Silk ice cream; & I separated the chocolate chunks they put in there & threw them out.

There are exceptions of course. Everyone that knows me, knows that I make up rules & then have exceptions to them all. That’s just how I roll. Cookies, obviously, can have chocolate chips. But not M&Ms in them, that’s just weird. And we can’t forget Ghirardelli’s triple-chocolate-chunk brownies.

Mmmm, ghirardelli trip-choco-chunk brownies. They are yummy. There’s this guy where I work, & he used to bring in these brownies every once in a while. But he hasn’t done it in a while (about a year). I think it all stopped the time he put some oregano in them. No, not “oregano” (in quotes), but real oregano, the spice. To see if ppl would notice. He also had a card to Costco (they only have this on the east-side of Cleve, not the west side; regardless, I don’t have a membership card), so he bought me a box once a while ago. He went to buy me another box a few months ago, but they don’t carry it anymore. Now, they only have Hershey’s triple-choco-chunk brownies. They’re still damn good though.

3 thoughts on “mis-leading chips

  1. Because of your continuing cake saga and that gorgeous pic of that devine cake….

    I just binged on cookies, a mini muffin, a bowl of popcorn and some toffee.


    Thanks alot.

  2. you’re welcome. I’m all about not depriving myself of what I want. But I am picky about what I eat. Like, I won’t eat brownies that don’t meet my standards. They have to be *perfect*; but then I’ll eat a ton of ’em. Mmmm.

    Oh, & I hope you shared the popcorn w/ Chelsea!

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