Is it ok to have a piece of chocolate cake w/ chocolate-fudge frosting for dinner?

It may be important to add in that I’m sick (& have been sick), & had a super-crappy day. I thought it was ok, but have been told that it’s not how things are done.

This pic looks just like the cake I made yesterday. My cakes are absolutely dee-li-cee-ous! That’s mainly cause I have a secret ingredient that I add (only a few select ppl know). But this time, I forgot the secret ingredient! Everyone still said it was grand though.

3 thoughts on “choco

  1. It’s not only ok to have chocolate cake for dinner…….It’s a female Right of Passage!!!!

  2. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having cake for dinner.

    What’s your secret ingredient? Please, please tell me.

  3. You know those DQ ice-cream cakes? My sis & I once ate that for breakfast for a whole week while our parents were on vaca (when we were younger).

    Sorry, can’t tell the secret (then it wouldn’t be secret).

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