big hair

I sometimes wish my hair was bigger. I have lots of naturally curly hair, & sometimes I like it all sleek & smooth & sophisticated. Sometimes straightened. Sometimes wavy/curly, but laying more flat than not. Well, maybe it’s cause I’ve had that Roxette song “Dangerous” stuck in my head for this entire week. But my hair can’t be big enough for me. I’m talkin BIG. Like Diana Ross big. Well, maybe not that extreme, but you get my point. You know, just maybe “country star” big.

I did an image search for “big hair” & found this painting by Blake Flynn. And now I want to see it in person. I wonder if it’s textured. I think that would be really cool if it was.

6 thoughts on “big hair

  1. That’s an awesome pic. I just wish I could tame my hair in some way – it just does whatever it wants!

  2. v- Wait, I thought you were super-hairy. That’s what you led us to believe at Celeboganda.

    pook- Yeah, my hair does whatev it wants too. I think that’s how all hair is, like a 2-yr old child (or me).

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