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GUESS WHAT?!? I am so excited, b/c they’re making a movie of one of my most fave artists: Gustav Klimt. In college, there used to be an art store that I used to shop at, & they had these discount cards (you could save like 10% or sumptin). Anyway, I had asked Brian (the guy who ran the shop) if I could just use my Klimt card (it was a little regular-sized card, w/ a Klimt pic on it) as my permanent discount card for them. You see, every semester (or year or something), they used to change the card. And he said, yeah (of course). Because I love Klimt.

Well, I don’t love him. Don’t be so literal. Obviously, cause I never met him. But I do love his work. One day, I hope to own something. Unfortunately, it will probably be just a print or something simple like that. I remember the day I got a couple of prints of Georgia O’Keefe’s work from the Metropolitan Museum in NYC. I love going to museums.

When I was in high school, I used to cut my morn classes (Chemistry–yuk!). Instead, I’d go to this pond nearby & feed the ducks. Usually til the park-ranger would come by (b/c you’re not really supposed to feed the ducks). Then, I’d head off to the Cleveland Museum of Art. See, the cool thing about our museum (besides the pond, & the Thinker, & the free live music during happy hour in the courtyard on Weds & Fridays, & the cool exhibits) is that it’s free to the public. Yeah, that’s right, completely open to everyone & anyone who wants to enjoy a little art. It’s absolutely loverly.

The pond in the back is great for just hanging out, soaking in the rays, watching the little kiddies watch the super-colorful fish inside. It’s surrounded by 12 statues, each of the 12 figures of the zodiac. And the cherry blossom trees! It’s just such a beautiful area, & it has always brought back great memories of being there on warm, breezy sunny days. It’s just one of those happy memories that I have.

Oh, back to Klimt. So, I guess they debuted this movie at some international film festival back in January. But I did a search for it, & can’t find it anywhere. It’s lookin like another movie that I’m gonna have to wait for the dvd to come out. That’s fine. I have no probs waiting. I’ve got plenty to do in the meantime.

If you are like me, & like movies like this, here’s a list of movies I’ve seen that you should def check out (you can read reviews at the links below):

Basquiat (David Bowie, Dennis Hopper, Gary Oldman, Jeffrey Wright, Benicio Del Toro)
Surviving Picasso (Anthony Hopkins)
Frida (Salma Hayek)
I Shot Andy Warhol (Lili Taylor, Jared Harris)
Pollack (Ed Harris, Marcia Gay Harden, Amy Madigan, Val Kilmer, Jennifer Connelly)

Oh, & mentioning Frida, if you like her & have already seen the movie or read the biography of her life that the movie is based on, I would highly recommend reading Frida by Bárbara Mujica. This book is historical fiction. Mujica has taken factual accounts of Frida’s life, then told the story from the vantage point of her sister looking into her life. There is some speculation in the book based on rumors about Frida; esp. going into her bi-curious nature & such. But, I did love the book. I couldn’t put it down. Just a warning, a lot of ppl hated the book & think it’s all blasphemous & stuff. But they’re mainly haters & have to keep in mind that it’s really a novel, just based on historical accounts. She really did her homework though; & if you like thinking what if & wonder what life could really have been like on the inside looking out, it’s really great.

4 thoughts on “media portrayals of artists

  1. I am so with you on the FRIDA book! One of my top ten of all time. ALSO loved the movie…I also paint and one of my paintings was a collage of Frida’s work.

  2. Cutting class to hit the museum is pretty cool. Man, I need to head to a museum … it has been way too long.

  3. mama– Wow, I’d love to see your work sometime. I know you musting be running out of places where Chelsea can pose. Maybe in front of your work. Show off both at the same time.

    v– @ my HS, all the girls would cut class to go to the movies or shopping. They were pretty superficial (got their hair did every week, professionally). So, they didn’t get why I’d waste my time at a museum. They didn’t bother me about it though, so that was cool.

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