good god O’Malley, what did Meredith do to you?!?

OK, so my sister’s got me hooked on this Grey’s Anatomy. I just can’t stop watching it. Well, I’ve only seen 3 episodes so far, so I can’t say it’s become excessive yet. But there’s always hope. . .

So, the title of this post is a line from this past Sunday’s episode. Well, those of us who’ve seen it knows what it was she did to him.

But good God, O’Malley, be a man about it! Sheesh. Get over it. They’ve written O’Malley into a pansy; & just before St. Patrick’s Day! That’s his ppls’ holiday (w/ a name like O’Malley, he’s gotta be Irish, right?).

Back in the day, men used to be men. What happened to them all? There was a time when men wore armour & protected ppl & king’s riches, & all that other cool stuff. And yet, they were still sensitive to women. They respected them, opened doors for them, walked on the outside when going down the street, carried all their bags, etc. I forgot this wonderful complete (real) definition of a man until just a couple of years ago.

But this type of man is now going extinct. These nervous twitters are being left behind in their place.

Today’s mothers aren’t raising men, they’re raising little boys with no manners. I won’t even mention what I heard a little 7-year old boy saying to a little girl a couple of months ago. It was just disgraceful! Don’t parents raise their kids w/ manners & decorum anymore?

I had a conversation w/ one of my girls a few weeks ago where she told me that the square-jawed man is becoming extinct. Seriously, as men are evolving, this is a physical feature that is fading w/ the passing of time. Their jaws are more rounded now, like a woman’s. I think men need to remember their place. Respect women, & not be candy-pansies.

8 thoughts on “good god O’Malley, what did Meredith do to you?!?

  1. OMG I love Grey’s Anatomy!!
    Do yourself a favor and rent the first season DVD to catch up I promise you will be HOOKED.

  2. I have been a GA fan since the beginning! I recommend renting season one as well. It was a good one!

  3. I would love to get the 1st season, but I know I wouldn’t have time to watch it.

    Ryan– this isn’t directed toward you, you’re a gorilla. It’s for the pansy-candy-pansies out there.

  4. Oh no! I am bemoaning the loss of the square-jawed man as I write this. What can we do to save this endangered species?

  5. Kat– there’s still a few out there. You can be like my friend & snag one for yourself. Then, get to work on creating more!

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